Professional - Punctuality, preparedness & professional grade equipment are not options; they’re the main reasons you hire a dj to do the job. Dj John Q takes every event extremely serious and aims to gratify.

Talented - He skillfully utilizes dj techniques & plays the music people want to hear. Dj John Q carefully monitors his crowd for cues on what they enjoy & uses his outgoing personality to encourage the desired atmosphere.

Experienced - Years of experience playing different genres of music for various types of events set him apart from other dj’s. Wedding reception or night club, corporate party or prom… this guy has covered it all!

Versatile - People of all ethnicities, ages & cultures enjoy Dj John Q’s performances. His extensive catalog & love for all types of music makes him adaptable to most any situation.



         "The Professional Party Rocker"! Radio, corporate events, night life, weddings, athletics, private parties; Dj John Q performs anywhere music can influence the mood. Past clients include the U.S. Military, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, H&M, University of Louisville & University of Kentucky to name few. Also featured weekdays on Magic 101.3 FM for the 5 O'clock Ride Out, ABC for WHAS 11's Great Day Live & Louisville Bride as the DJ for the "Hollywood Hitch". Member of The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels & The Elitegiance; a network of esteemed entertainers & music industry professionals. Dj John Q is talented, experienced, professional & versatile!


 What Does He Play ?

        Dj John Q plays it ALL! You may hear hits from the Motown & Elvis era or even your favorite new songs on the radio when he performs.


- Pop

- Afrobeat

- Hip Hop

- Classic Rock

- Reggaton

- Dubstep

- R & B

- Salsa

- Trap

- Electronic

- House

- Country

- Reggae

- 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & more!


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